The farm theme offers us the same possibilites as the four ecosystem projects and even a few more. I personally take advantage of this theme to present students with the reality of modern day farming. Many students have the misconception that farms are still nice wide open spaces with red barns. However, the reality of the farming industry is quite different. It is very important that we as society know where our animal products come from and how they are produced. Students can use this information and incorporate it into the story telling aspect of the project once they have created their animals.


Along these same lines, students can use their imagination and creativity to create differnt animal products using paper to create a model of which products come from which animals.


Other ideas for projects:

  • ​Create a documentary about modern day farming


  • Create 3-D model representing the the production of different animal derived foods.


  • Create a narrative story in the life of a farm animal.

Origami Chicken Badge
rigami Pig Badge
Origami Horse Badge