This activity can be done by the teacher but is even more powerful if we ask students to reproduce the story themselves. To be able to tell this story requires students to develop both their explicit and working memories. 


The working memory is a core executive function which deals with multiple bits of information at the same time so as to perform tasks. Having to control a storyline (which primarily draws on our explicit memory) while at the same time dominating and controlling progressive folds with the piece of paper is a very demanding task and one which will highly benefit our students.

This little activity is also a great way to stimulate children's creativity. It will open their eyes to al the amazing possibilities simple origami figures and provide.

I should also mention that it is a fantastic vehicle through which students can practice a second language or even work on developing non-verbal communication. 

You can see and hear the story in these videos. The object being used is just a fortune teller with one added fold to each corner and you can see how to make the figure in the second video.