Story cubes

This idea is inspired by the game Rory's Story Cubes ( in which players roll dice with pictures on them and have to take turns creating a story by interpreting the pictures showing. It is a very dynamic and fun game which gets player's creativity racing. By having students create their own cubes the toy becomes much more personal and their interest in playing will be greater. During the year students should be free to create cubes whenever they want thus building their own unique classroom collection which can be played with throughout the year.

The game itself is a great language and creativity tool and becomes much more meaningful when students create the cubes.

Some ideas for decorating:

  • Write letters on the faces of the cubes so students must start their parts of the stories with words that begin with that letter.

  • Write key vocabulary from the units studied so students must create their story around the content.

  • Have students draw pictures of elements pertaining to the content studied so again they must create their story around specific content.

  • Have students write different verbs, nouns, adjectives etc... so as to practice forming correct sentencie structure. Students could even make sets of cubes with only one specific word type.

  • Have students simply draw pictures to create a fun toy no necessarily  dealing with any specific content.