Origamification combines origami with the motivation of playing games. It is really quite simple, yet creates a powerful learning environment. 

The origami figure which I use is the Fortune Teller. As I have mentioned on other parts of this website, the fortune teller provides an amazing number of possibilities to be used for learning. I started around 10 years ago using the figure simply as a toy for students to play with curricular content. At first, I used the object when studying about animals, then realized it could be used when studying about jobs and finally came to the conclusion that is could be used for almost anything! 

Some ideas to play with the fortuna teller:

  • ​Have students write different vocabulary on the toy and simply play with it. This is a great way to get children to use a second language!

  • Use the toy as an exam. This is a very powerful use of the fortune teller as it will really get students motivated. I write the 8 questions that are in the fortune teller on the board and explain that only 6 will actually be tested. The test is then created as we go. I ask one student to pick a number and another student to pick a color, then ask the question. Students have a few minutes to write their answer. I then follow the same procedure with the remaining 5 questions. I have honestly never seen students so anxious and concentrated during an exam.

  • Have students use the toy to review content before an exam. Each student writes their own 8 questions about the material estudiad and then they play amongst eachother asking the questions. If each classroom has about 25 students and each student formulates 8 questions, that is a total of 200 questions being tossed around the classroom which will make for very productive reviewing and learning.