The forest ecosystem theme provides us with a wide arrange of projects we can embark on once having created the different origami objects. As you can see in the pictures, I decorate the school's hallway starting from one of David Hockney's most renown paintings, and students complete this decoration with by sticking different animals we can find in the forest on the mural. The three main animals I teach students in class are a fox, a crane and a mouse. However you can find more animals here to practice at home!


You can see in some of the pictures the Science curricular content written on the different animals. This is a great way to review what has been studied in different areas. When you make your animals don't forget to classify them!


Other ideas for projects:

  • Recreate the story of little red riding hood.


  • Create a stopmotion animation which takes place in the forest


  • Make a 3-D model of a forest ecosystem.


  • Make a hanging mobile using the origami figures and other natural elements from the forest such as tree branches, leaves, pine cones...etc.

Origami Crane Badge
Origam Rabbit Badge
Origami Mouse Badge
Origami Owl Badge
Origami Owl Badge