The desert ecosystem theme provides us again with a wide arrange of projects we can embark on once having created the different origami objects. As you can see in the pictures, I decorate the schools hallway as if we were in the desert, and students complete this decoration with backdrops and different animals we can find in this ecosystem. I teach students two animals and how to make an inflatable cube. All three of these figures are more advanced, and will take students a lot of effort. 


You can see in some of the pictures the Science curricular content written on the different animals. This is a great way to review what has been studied in different areas. When you make your animals don't forget to classify them and you can even do the same with the cube!


To further amplify our work done with the desert ecosystem, children use their infaltable cubes to construct three dimensional pyramids in groups. This is a great way to get students collaborating and you can even aske them to create their own monument with the cubes. 


Other ideas for projects:

  • ​Create story dice with the inflatable cubes by drawing pictures related with the desert on each face.


  • Create a stopmotion animation which takes place in the desert


  • Create a 3-D desert zoo

Origami Fox Badge
Origami Rattlesnake Badge
Origami Scorpion Badge
Inflatable Cube Badge
Origami Vulture Badge