The aquatic ecosystem theme offers us with a wide arrange of projects we can embark on once having created the different origami objects. As you can see in the pictures, students work together to create different aquariums. They create the exhibit using whatever materials they want and fill their aquarium with the different origami figures we make in class. The three main animals I teach students in class are the toad, the fish and the boat. If I have extra time I teach them the penguin, although this is a more complicated figure. I do this aquatic ecosystem project in first year primary (5-6 years old).


I also use the aquatic theme to present my students with current day problem of garbage in our oceans and seas. It is fundamental that our younger generations understand the importance of keeping our oceans and seas clean as well as respecting their plants and animals. 


Other ideas for projects:

  • ​Create a 3-D tourist brochuer about their aquarium.


  • Create a documentary about modern day fishing.


  • Use the figures to create a shadow show.

  • Paper boat races.

Origami Sealion Badge
Origami Boat Badge
Origami Toad Badge
Origami Fish Badge
Origami Penguin Badge
Origami Fish Badge
Origami Seahorse Badge
Origami Turtle Badge