Creating paper airplanes offers a world of fun and entertaing projects for students. The most powerful project I have done with students is doing paper airplane competitions. Once children have made their paper airplanes, we head outside to throw and play with them! We have two competitions: 


Flight Time

Flight Distance

Another advantage is getting the students

out of the classroom and into the fresh air.

It is an extremely motivating and fun activity

you can do with your students on any given



These two activities are a perfect way to incorporate mathematics into the project. Students will have to measure both quantities and in their notebooks make graphic representations of each student's marks. We can also use the paper airplane to have students identify different geometric chapes, measure perimeters, identify angles, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, measure side lengths and a whole lot more! 


We can even use the activity to put linguistic elements such as adjectives, comparative adejctives and even superlative adjectives to use. Students can even practice making sentances summarizing the information collected and shared during the project. Here are some pictures of the different activities teachers can do with their students using paper airplanes:

Avión de papel
Glider PaperAirplane
Avión de papel